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I was born in 1964 in Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital. I have lived in Scotland all my life though I have traveled extensively, one of my passions.

In my working life I started as a time served engineer and became a training instructor on graduation. In the midst of that I discovered my life passion and left and trained for ministry gaining a degree and a post graduate diploma and served as a minister of religion. During those years apart from helping others I found I was dissatisfied in my personal life and made radical changes to fulfill that. Rebuilding your life is possible. I have returned to My passion in helping others but on My terms.

As a trainer I learned how to be systematic and patient in dealing with others.

In a voluntary capacity I was involved in Scripture Union Camps as a Dorm leader up to a Camp Leader. Working with others, over a week, where your behaviour and lifestyle are under close scrutinisation proving you are authentic in every area of your life, especially with children and teenagers, who know how to test adults, was very testing but also very rewarding. In addition having to challenge inappropriate behaviours within a team setting was very demanding.

As a Minister of Religion I met people from various walks of life, I was a chaplain in College, Secondary, Primary and in a Special Needs School. Much of my time was spent counselling others and I had the privilege of being trusted with the confidence of others. In my time in Ministry I dealt with every day issues to infidelity, bereavement, being a support to those going through all kinds of difficulties including coping with terminal conditions, suicide as well as sexual and child abuse. There is nothing more satisfying in life for me that to help others. When I left Ministry my belief system had a complete overhaul, I consider myself spiritual but not religious. I was known for “giving a very good funeral” and in bereavement care. It was about 5 years into my time as a Minister where I had the first significant loss in my own life. I found that experience very humbling and went back to those who I had helped and apologised, I had an academic understanding of the grieving process but it it very different when you have experienced that for yourself.

During my time in Ministry I also volunteered as a befriender where I was assigned a young man, through social work. I got to know him and his family and in the times I spent with him I was able to expand his outlook in life as far as what he could achieve in his future, I found this very rewarding.

Following my years in Ministry I became an escort for prisoners, taking them to hospital appointment, home visits, funerals, children hearings and watching them when they were in hospital on a long term basis. This opened my eyes up to a whole other world and while this gave opportunities to help by listening and when asked to advise, it was a position where I had to learn to be even more judgmental than I already was. On being made redundant from that position, I sought to use the security experience I had to find employment, which I did. However in the midst of this I found myself increasingly dis-satisfied.

On meeting with my own Life Coach I rediscovered My Passion for helping others and applied myself to studying to gain the additional skills required to return to helping others.

I have a Full Disclosure Scotland and am very pleased to help others, where appropriate I am very happy to share my own life experiences, where these might offer help to others.

Thanks for reading.


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